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Choosing Timber For Roofs – Advice From A Builders Merchant

As a leading builders merchant in the South East of England we constantly find ourselves offering advice to customers who are searching for the right timber for their project. Being the section of the home that provides protection to the interiors of the building, as well as defining its structural shape, the need for a roof to be strong and resistant to damage is an obvious must.

But there are other factors to look out for when selecting your roof timber – here, we're going to explain why using timber for your roof is a great idea and what to look out for when choosing your ideal product.

Why Builders Merchants Recommend Timber For A Roof

Wooden trusses are common sights in many different types of houses across the country; from traditional through to modern builds. Throughout history builders have been taking advantage of the advantages that wood offers – today, builders merchants are able to offer a wide range of different timber materials that allow homeowners to combine the need for strong materials, with a preferred aesthetic look.

Here are some other great reasons why timber is a great material to use in the construction of a roof:

  • The weight. Timber is the preferred material for roof parts simply because it weighs less than other materials used to construct trusses, such as steel. Wood is strong enough to handle the stress that it has to bear but at the same time, it isn't too heavy so that it places pressure on the rest of the building.
  • Versatility of design. The roof plays a major role in determining how the building it supports is designed. The versatility of the material to be honed and shaped means that it can be moulded into different shapes, suiting any requirements the homeowner may have.
  • Thermal boost. Timber can work as a great insulator of heat, helping to keep the majority of the thermal energy inside of the building, rather than having it escape. A timber roof construction that has cavities can make use of cladding materials to provide fantastic insulation that will further help to improve the building's energy efficiency.
  • Great value. It probably can go without saying that, thanks to being in plentiful supply (as opposed to steel) timber offers better value for money as a roofing material. Wood also has a great ability to 'blend' in with other materials, such as concrete and steel, meaning that it can be used to create a hybrid roof, to offset costs.

What You Need Your Roof Timber To Be

If you do choose to go with wood for your project, how do you know that you're choosing a product that would be of long-term benefit to your home? Here are a few things to ask a builders merchant about when choosing your timber products:

  • Wind resistant. The roof helps to support the structure and weight of the home. This is due to the roof's frame being attached to that of the building; keeping much of its weight in place and each side level and even, reducing the risk of the home being settled or shifted to one side. Weak timber simply does not have any decent level of wind resistance and so is far less likely to offer support to the rest of the building if it gets damaged during adverse weather. A particularly common occurrence is that strong winds will pull weak roofing timber away from its connections, which forms leaks and allows drafts in during winter and hot air in the summer. By investing in a strong timber that is resistant to wind, you'll be able to protect your home from further damage. Ask a builders merchant if you're unsure about the quality of the timber you need.
  • Fire resistant. How a piece of timber is cut is important to understand its resistance to fire; if beams are dense inside, they will not contain the air needed to spark a fire. On the other hand, beams (and other materials) that are thin and inexpensive will be less resistant to fire, making them dangerous components to have in the structure of your house. Always be sure to check out the fire resistance rating of all materials you intend to use in your roof – and don't assume that all materials will be the same when it comes to fire safely.
  • Sustainable. One of the best ways to ensure the quality of a timber product (as well as placate any worries about deforestation) is to find a sustainable source. Any builders merchant who deals in sustainable products will be more open about the fact and explain the origins of the materials they've obtained.

Need High-Quality Roofing Materials? Look No Further Than Pennyhill Timber

If you're searching for high-quality, sustainable roofing materials at great prices, then you've found the right place here at Pennyhill Timber. Having been operating within the industry for almost two decades now, we have grown to be one of the area's premier builders merchants for our honest, dedicated service, as well as our ability to obtain the best value materials.

Please take the time to browse around our website to see the full range of timber products that we are able to supply. If you've got any questions you'd like to ask us directly, then we would be pleased to speak with you about anything timber related. Give us a call on 01483 486 739 or alternatively, send any e-mail enquiries to