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Make Your Garden Stand Out This Summer!

We've had some incredible weather this summer, so if you want to make your garden stand out, invite your family and friends over, and host a BBQ party; here's a list of 5 ways you can improve your garden.

If you're searching for garden landscaping materials, we recommend choosing a product such as landscape sleepers. These versatile pieces of material are very useful for a wide variety of projects; from retaining walls to fish ponds.

Make Your Garden Stand Out This Summer!

If you want to upgrade your garden this summer, here's a list of 5 suggestions for home improvement projects.

  1. Use Landscape Sleepers To Make Raised Planters
    Landscape sleepers
    are very versatile landscaping materials. If you would like to create raised planters out of hardwood, you could choose a product such as these French Oak Sleepers.

    Raised planters are a fantastic way to add some colour to your garden. You could add some of your favourite plants to them, or alternatively, you could choose plants which are the opposite colour to your garden colour scheme to provide some contrast. For example, if you have a red theme in your garden with a red garden fence and red garden furniture, you could include some green plants. If you are unsure what colours would contrast your garden colour scheme, look at a colour wheel and pick the colour which is opposite your colour scheme.

  2. Cut A Pattern In Your Grass.
    If you're looking for a way to quickly add an extra special touch to your garden, you could cut a pattern in your garden. This could be as simple or as complex as you like; for example you could cut your lawn into stripes.

    With a striped lawn, the grass is cut so that the each stripe bends to a different direction. The grass facing towards you will appear dark, whereas the blade of grass facing away from you will appear light. You could either decide to make your own striping kit, or purchase on; however before you start to mow your lawn into a pattern, it is a good idea to sketch out the pattern first, possibly using some string to act as a guide.

  3. Upgrade Your Garden Fence.
    With regards to upgrading your garden fence, there are numerous different options to choose from. For example, if your garden currently has concrete fence posts, perhaps you could swap these for timber fence posts.

    You could also opt to chance the fence panels, for example you could change your upgrade your fence to include an attractive close board design. Alternatively, you could decide to instead use waney edge lap fence panels to upgrade your garden fencing.

    However, you could instead decide to upgrade your garden fence by repainting it. You could keep things simple and paint your garden fence in the same colour it was previously, or you could instead choose a different colour. For example, some popular choices for garden fences are green, brown, orange, red, black, white, and grey
  4. Make A Retaining Wall From Landscape Sleepers.
    Landscape sleepers can be used to build a retaining wall. There are two way to build a retaining wall for your garden; either a vertical wall or a horizontal wall. If you want to build your retaining wall vertically, remember to use a dry mix of concrete. If you use a wet mix, the sleepers might not hold in place and it could also create a lot of mess. Also, it can be very beneficial to use a connector (which can be made from either timber or steel) to provide your wall with extra strength.

    If instead you would prefer to use a horizontal wall, instead of using a dry mix, you can use either wet concrete, sharp sand & cement, or scalpings. Additionally, make sure that you fix each row to the previous row using timber lock screws (sometimes referred to as “carpenter's mate" screws). Also, to make the fixing process much easier, drill a pilot hole into the timber before adding the timber lock screw.

  5. Build Garden Decking.
    In addition to high quality landscaping materials such as landscape sleepers which are available for both trade professionals and members of public, Pennyhill Timber is also a decking supplier in Woking.

    If you're searching for a garden project to improve your home, adding garden decking is a fantastic choice. Indeed, garden decking could add value to your home. Good House Keeping writes that, “A well designed deck will extend a buyer's perception of the home's amount of living space and will help add value."

    Pennyhill Timber has a wide selection of decking products and supplies, including softwood decking, hardwood decking, and a selection of screws and fixings.

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