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32 x 150 (27 x 145) x 3.6m softwood grooved decking

£ 7.38 (ex VAT) per length

32 x 150 (27 x 145) x 4.2m softwood grooved decking

£ 8.61 (ex VAT) per length

32 x 150 (27 x 145) x 4.8m softwood grooved decking

£ 9.84 (ex VAT) per length

Softwood Decking

Softwood Decking is an extremely popular and cost effective way of transforming your garden. Made from Scandinavian Pine logs, the timber is kiln dried, pressure treated for longevity and planed with a ribbed profile on one face.

Softwood decking will turn a silvery grey colour in time which is completely normal, however this can be delayed by regularly treating and maintaining your decking with a suitable stain or decking oil.

Please note that Decking can be slippery when wet. For commercial use we recommend "anti slip" decking which can be provided on request.

We also offer handrails, spindles, decking treatments and oils. Please phone for details