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We Are Now Chandlers Building Supplies

As of 1st August 2022, Pennyhill Timber has become a Chandlers Building Supplies branch. Although Pennyhill Timber has a new name and new signage, your dealings with the business will remain the same. Your contract and current terms of trade will remain unchanged, and your local Woking team w[...]
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3 Things To Do In Your Home & Garden After Xmas

Once the decorations are down and the last of the leftover turkey has been eaten, it's time to think about the new year. The start of a new year is a fantastic time to start planning home and garden projects, such as garden decking, doing some redecorating, or perhaps some more demanding landscaping[...]
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A Guide To Timber

With years of industry experience and a diverse catalogue of different timber products and supplies to choose from Pennyhill Timber is the ideal choice for both skilled professional tradespeople and DIY novices. So if you're in need of timber for your next project or your next job, [...]
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Add Value To Your Home With These 3 Home Improvement Projects

Here at Pennyhill Timber we're a team of experienced timber merchants. Whilst only being founded less than 10 years ago, we have rapidly grown into one of the South's leading timber importers and merchants. We believe this is due to providing on time delivery, combined with high stan[...]
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How To Look After Your Timber

So you have purchased timber from a reputable builder's merchant and you have checked that the timber is Ethically Sourced . However, do you know how correctly care for your timber to make sure it is maintained in good condition? For th[...]
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Landscaping Ideas For A Garden With No Grass, From A Builders Merchant

The classic view of a 'garden' is an image of a luscious, green lawn – but that is starting to change, thanks to contemporary aesthetics gaining in popularity. Two of the reasons why this is the case is that maintaining a lawn is often very time-consuming, and it offers limited ideas of what one cou[...]
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Got A Small Garden? Try These 5 Simple Projects

Just because your garden is small doesn't mean your dreams have to be. All it takes is a bit of time and quality materials from your local timber merchants.5 Fantastic Project Ideas For Small GardensNot sure how to make the most out of your small garden? Here's a quick like of 5 ideas to give you so[...]
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Why Timber Is A Great Choice For Your Building Project

Used as a construction material for thousands of years, timber still proves useful for builders and architects to this very day. Timber is easy to shape and can be durable, with excellent load bearing and thermal insulation properties. Modern innovations have even allowed us to harness the natural p[...]
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Choosing The Right-Sized Fence Posts For Your Surrey Garden

Thinking about erecting a new fence? You may already have your ideal fence panels in mind – being the largest component of the structure, the aesthetic look of the panels is usually what attracts people to them. So when you've selected your new panels, the next thing to think about is the fence post[...]
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Tips on Fitting A Handrail For Your Garden Decking

Offering an easy-to-traverse trail from the inside of the home to the outside, garden decking can be enjoyed by all of the family all year round. They're commonly associated with the summer months, of course; getting people outside in the sun, sitting or lying in comfort – so thoughts about creating[...]
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Building Raised Beds With Landscape Sleepers

Spring is finally here! Being a traditional growing season for many gardeners, they will already be putting plans in place to cultivate their plants in gardens and allotments, creating contraptions to help them as they go. Including using landscape sleepers to build raised beds. If you've been think[...]
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Getting Out In The Garden: How A Timber Supplier Can Help You To Enjoy The Summer

The summer is on its way; before we know it, we'll be sat outside enjoying the sunshine, spending increased amounts of time experiencing the joys that nature brings.With the seasons about to tick over into spring, now is the perfect time to think about getting the garden ready for the warmer months [...]
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Great Ways To Make Use of Landscape Sleepers

The usage of wooden 'sleepers' was originally to help wagons to traverse cross-country easily and quickly. Later, wooden sleepers would lie across from rails to allow trains easy passage but as diesel-powered engines emerged and now electric trains are commonplace, wooden sleepers have been made sur[...]
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Dog-Proofing Your Garden – Advice From A Fencing Supplier

With summer on the way, allowing your dog to roam around and play about the garden is a great way to let them burn off some energy – but with their scampering nature, it's important to ensure that the environment is safe and secure. The risk of them running into the road or simply getting lost makes[...]
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The Advantages of Installing Timber Cladding – Advice From A Builders Merchant In Surrey

If you're looking to protect your property from the elements, to maintain its structural integrity and to give the decor an attractive flourish, the installation of timber cladding is a great idea. Working to protect the walls against moisture and the penetration of air, the use of cladding ([...]
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