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100 x 200mm x 1.2m Pressure Treated Brown Softwood Sleeper

£ 12.00 (ex VAT) per unit

100 x 200mm x 1.8m Pressure Treated Brown Softwood Sleeper

£ 18.00 (ex VAT) per unit

100 x 200mm x 2.4m Pressure Treated Brown Softwood Sleeper

£ 18.95 (ex VAT) per sleeper

100 x 200mm x 3.0m Pressure Treated Brown Softwood Sleeper

£ 30.00 (ex VAT) per unit

100 x 200mm x 3.6m Pressure Treated Brown Softwood Sleeper

£ 36.00 (ex VAT) per sleeper

100 x 200mm x 4.2m Pressure Treated Brown Softwood Sleeper

£ 42.00 (ex VAT) per sleeper

125 x 250 x 2.4m Pressure Treated Brown Softwood Sleeper

£ 38.57 (ex VAT) per sleeper

95 x 195mm x 2400mm Fresh Sawn Oak Sleepers

£ 34.96 (ex VAT) per sleeper

100 x 200mm x 1.2m Pressure Treated Green Softwood Sleeper

£ 12.00 (ex VAT) per sleeper

100 x 200mm x 1.8m Pressure Treated Green Softwood Sleeper

£ 18.00 (ex VAT) per sleeper

100 x 200mm x 2.4m Pressure Treated Green Softwood Sleeper

£ 18.95 (ex VAT) per sleeper

100 x 200mm x 3.0m Pressure Treated Green Softwood Sleeper

£ 30.00 (ex VAT) per sleeper

Landscape Sleepers

If you are searching for a versatile garden material, have you considered timber landscape sleepers? They are a hard-wearing material and can also be a very cost-effective option for numerous projects.

Landscape Sleepers From Pennyhill Timber

You can browse through and buy our extensive range of hardwood and softwood green and brown timber landscape sleepers in a variety of sizes, lengths, and colours on the Pennyhill Timber online store.

Our team has over 50 years of award winning timber knowledge and experience. We aim to deliver quality timber sleeper products, competitive prices and class leading service. Our list of products includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Brown And Green Landscape Sleepers
    The selection of brown and green timber landscape sleepers on our online store have been pressure with a preservative treatment called tanalith E.

    However, our brown landscape sleepers have a coloured additive mixed with the treatment called Tanatone; which changes the colour of the sleeper from green to brown.

  • Oak Landscape Sleepers
    If you're searching for a hardwearing material, consider an oak sleeper. Oak landscape sleepers can last for many years without any form of treatment, however if you would like to preserve the colour and life expectancy, we would recommend using an external wood oil or a clear preservative.

  • Incised Sleepers
    A practice which has been common in North America and Australia for many years, incising is a process which puts small knife blade slots into the surface of the wood. This means that the preservative chemical can more easily penetrate the fibre of the wood, creating a protective barrier.

  • Planed All Round Timber Sleepers
    Planed all round sleepers are sometimes also known as planed and bevelled sleepers. The planning and bevelling process means that these sleepers have a smoother surface and square edges which are present on some other sleepers have been bevelled, creating a rounded edge.

  • Reclaimed Timber Sleepers
    Reclaimed sleepers are very rustic in nature; however they can be a fantastic material to use for both traditional and contemporary gardens.

    It is important to remember that reclaimed sleepers have been treated with Creosote and as such please remember to take the appropriate safety precautions such as using gloves when handling and using a dust mask when cutting them.

    Also it is important to remember that you should not use Creosote treated timber sleepers in areas where children will be in regular contact, or in areas where the sleepers could come into contact with food.

    Pennyhill Timber have an extensive range of reclaimed and railway Sleepers for sale in our online store.

We're passionate about delivering quality products, competitive prices and a class leading service. If you would like to make an enquiry regarding the landscaping products that are available from Pennyhill Timber, please don't hesitate to contact our friendly team by telephone on 01483 486 739.

What Can Timber Sleepers Be Used For??

For those who are searching for a hardwearing material for DIY projects, landscape sleepers are versatile and can be used for a variety of different uses, one such example is a retaining wall.

A retaining wall could be built using landscape sleepers either horizontally using a brick bond, or by using the sleepers vertically (upright on their end).

Horizontal Retaining Wall

The principal of laying a horizontal timber sleeper wall is similar to laying bricks. Start by marking out the line of the wall, and then dig a level trench approximately 300mm deep and 350mm wide. Then fill the trench with wet concrete, sharp sand & cement, or scalpings to form a level solid base.

You then lay each row of sleepers on top of each other, making sure that the joins overlap just like a brick wall (hence the term Brick-bond) Each row of sleepers should be fixed to the previous row using "index timber lock screws" or "carpenters mate" screws. Tip: A pilot hole drilled into the sleepers makes for an easy job!

Vertical retaining posts behind the wall should be considered if the wall is more than 500m high. Simply dig a hole in the ground directly behind the wall and use ready mixed concrete to hold in place. The posts can then be connected to the wall using timber lock screws (index timber screws)

Landscape sleepers can be laid on the wide or narrow section of the sleeper, however if you are laying on the narrow part we recommend that you always use a timber post behind the wall for support.

Vertical Retaining Wall

By vertically placing the railway sleepers you can create an attractive curved wall of varying height.

The process is relatively straight forward, although does require some digging and lifting! Start by marking out the line of the wall using spray paint or even your garden hose, then dig a trench approx. 450mm deep. Lower the timber sleepers into the trench and backfill using concrete. A fairly dry mix of concrete is required, otherwise the sleepers might not hold in place, and the wet concrete will create a lot of mess. The concrete should be compacted behind the sleepers to hold them firmly in place. For added strength, we recommend that you connect the sleepers using timber or steel connectors.

Before you back fill with soil drainage will need to be considered, especially if the ground is sodden and prone to damp. Pea shingle directly behind the wall could be something to consider. It is worth remembering that the life span of timber sleepers will depend on the conditions of the ground they sit in. To prolong the life span, we recommend lining the back of the sleeper wall with a plastic sheet to prevent the timber coming into direct contact with the soil. Or if you prefer there are products on the market such as Bitumen black paint, which acts a water proof barrier. Simply paint on and leave to dry before you back fill with soil.

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Our team of friendly and enthusiastic staff are happy to offer assistance and advice. If you have any questions or concerns regarding any of the products we stock on our website, or if you would like any additional information regarding landscape sleepers, or any of our other products such as fencing, garden decking, or timber, please don't hesitate to contact us. or visit Pennyhill builders merchants in Woking your local timber suppliers.

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