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Selected Range £ 1 - 246
19x44mm PAR Western Red Cedar Eased Edges

£ 13.50 (ex VAT) per unit

ex 22 x 150mm (18 x 145mm) Western Red Cedar TGV (PT4C)

From £ 30.74 (ex VAT) per unit

32 x 115 (fin 27 x 107) Door Lining Sets With Stops

£ 19.41 (ex VAT) per unit

32 x 138 (fin 27 x 132) Door Lining Sets With Stops

£ 22.08 (ex VAT) per unit

ex 25 x 150mm (21 x 144mm) Siberian Larch Cladding (PT4LO)

From £ 33.60 (ex VAT) per unit

25mm x 150mm Thermo Radiata Pine TGV 3.0m Long

£ 28.35 (ex VAT) per unit

25mm x 50mm Par Radiata Pine Landscape Batten Eased Edged 3.0m Long

£ 11.25 (ex VAT) per unit

50mm x 50mm Thermo Radiata L Section Angled Trim 3.0m long

£ 19.50 (ex VAT) per unit

(2 ex) 32 x 175mm x 4.2m Black Painted Barn Cladding Feather Edge

From £ 15.70 (ex VAT) per unit

Cedar Shingles

From £ 245.54 (ex VAT) per unit

(2 ex) 22 x 150mm x 3.6m Pressure Treated Brown Feather Edge

£ 4.50 (ex VAT) per length

(2 ex) 22 x 150mm x 4.8m Pressure Treated Brown Feather Edge

£ 6.00 (ex VAT) per unit


If you're searching for a high-quality, timber delivered to you, for a home project or if you're searching for a timber merchant to supply your business at trade prices, don't hesitate to come into our timber yard in Surrey or browse through the numerous timber products on our online store, available for next day delivery.

High-Quality Timber Products, Available To Trade Professionals And Members Of The Public

We supply high quality timber products to both trade professionals and members of the public. Our timber range includes a variety of products which are available in numerous different sizes, so if you're searching for a specific type of timber, use the refine results feature to search for the timber products you need.

Our range of high quality timber includes but is not limited to:

Carcassing, Constructional Timber

This includes timber which is used in applications such as floor joists or other structural applications


This type of timber can be used to finish the outside of properties. Cladding can be used for both commercial and domestic properties and can be used for a wide variety of different buildings.


Canadian Lumber Standard is a popular choice of timber for use in the frame of timber framed houses.

Sheet Materials

Pine Plywood, Hardwood Plywood, OSB, chipboard and plaster board, used for partitioning, flat roofs, sheathing, formwork, stud walls

Decking Boards

Pressure treated softwood, or hardwood decking used externally to form a decking or outside seating/entertainment


Rigid PIR insulation and loft roll used for keeping the heat in and from penetrating the walls, keeping you warm and reducing energy bills.

Tile & Roofing Battens

When constructing a roof, batterns are used to provide a fixing point for roof materials (for example roofing tiles)

Tongue & Groove

This type of timber has a tongue and a groove so that the wood can fit together. This makes it a great choice for a variety of different projects.

Searching For High Quality Timber Products? Contact Our Team Today

Remember, our high quality timber products are available to both trade professionals and members of the public, so if you're searching for a professional timber merchant, visit the Pennyhill Timber team in person, or browse our online store.

However, if you have questions regarding the timber products that are available from Pennyhill Timber, please don't hesitate to contact us. Our knowledgable, enthusiastic team will be happy to offer help and advice.

If you would like to contact our friendly team and arrange high quality timber products, to be delivered to your door:

  • You can contact us by telephone by calling 01483 486 73
  • Or you can send your questions to us in an email please send you email to, you can visit us in person by visiting our timber yard. our address is, The Timber Yard, Lucas Green Rd, West End, Woking GU24 9YB, UK.

Alternatively, you can visit us in person and see our high quality timber for yourself. Our address is: The Timber Yard, Lucas Green Rd, West End, Woking GU24 9YB.