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Reclaimed Sleepers

With their fantastic natural rustic look, a life span of over 40 years and ability to be used for a wide range of applications, reclaimed sleepers provide an extremely cost-effective landscaping product for whatever your garden project entails.

If you're searching for high quality used railway sleepers to realise your vision of the ideal garden, then you've found the right place here at Pennyhill Timber. As a well-respected provider of timber and sheeting materials for domestic and commercial use, we can guarantee that the products you'll be receiving will be of a high quality, yet fantastically priced – providing you with the best value on the market.

Our Range of High-Quality Reclaimed Sleepers

The Grade A-quality reclaimed railway sleepers that we have as part of our range here at Pennyhill have been lifted from tracks across Europe. Although they will look fantastic in any type of garden, they particularly shine in a more 'traditional' setting and when matched with their durability, their reclaimed status makes them an extremely cost-effective landscaping product.

It should be noted that reclaimed sleepers have been treated with Creosote – a carcinogenic that's use has been limited by EU law . So when this type of treated timber is being cut, it is important that gloves and a dust mask are worn.

We don't recommend that these sleepers are used in areas in which children will be in regular contact or where the timber will come into constant contact with bare skin in general, or with any food intended for direct consumption. This means that creosote sleepers won't be suitable for the construction of garden decking, for example. (For decking, we recommend oak sleepers – containing natural tannins, this substance acts as an effective preservative that helps to keep them looking and feeling sturdy).

What Can Reclaimed Railway Sleepers Be Used For?

Whilst creosote-soaked railway sleepers should not be used for applications that may involve regular human contact, there is an exception in the EU directive that states that wood treated with creosote prior to the coming into force date of the Creosote Directive (June 2003) MAY be used in gardens, providing there is no risk of frequent skin contact .

Furthermore, the prohibition of the use of treated reclaimed sleepers does not apply where the treated wood was in use before 2003 – this means that the reclaimed railway sleepers as part of our range can be used for:

  • Retaining walls . Strong and sturdy enough to resist the pressure of soil, railway sleepers are great to use as retaining walls to keep the shape of your garden intact.
  • Raised planters . If you're interested in creating raised planters, used railway sleepers are the perfect cost-effective material for you to do so.
  • Steps and Pathways . Not only does the durability of reclaimed sleepers make them sturdy enough to step onto, leading the way to another area, but their bucolic charm helps your garden reflect an idyllic image.
  • Boundary markers . With railway sleepers able to stand out visually, they are also ideal to use to mark the boundary of your garden, without the need to put up any intrusive fencing.

Please note that each of our wooden sleepers weigh approximately 60-80kg and have a variation in size and colour – if you need any further information, why not get in touch with our timber specialists today?

Browse Our Selection of Used Railway Sleepers – Or Get In Touch With Us To Learn More

With over 20 years of experience in sourcing and creating timber products, it's our dedication to customer service, as well as the quality of our products that has allowed us to build a leading service. As we're based in Surrey, we are able to provide fast timber sleeper delivery to all customers throughout South East England – whether you reside in London or Hampshire, Berkshire or Kent; we have all of your timber needs sorted.

So please feel to browse around our selection of reclaimed sleepers. If you have any questions to ask about our any aspect of timber products or need some advice on garden landscaping in general, our team are ready to take your call.

Get in touch with us on 01483 486 739 or send an e-mail to and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.