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2440 x 1220 x 18.0mm (8' x 4') Marine Plywood Roll over image to enlarge

2440 x 1220 x 18.0mm (8' x 4') Marine Plywood

Marine Plywood is manufactured from durable face and core veneers, with few defects so it performs longer in both humid and wet conditions and resists delaminating and fungal attack. Its construction is such that it can be used in environments where it is exposed to moisture for long periods.

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Marine Plywood

Searching for a building material is able to be constantly exposed to moisture without rotting, cracking or breaking? Whether your building project involves structural work, interior and exterior application or even boat building – marine plywood is the ideal material for you to use.
Here at Pennyhill Timber, we have sourced a high-quality selection of water resistant plywood that brilliantly balances that fine line between being adept at keeping moisture away, yet is easy to work with; shaping, staining and colouring it as you wish.

The Benefits of Marine Plywood

Manufactured from durable core and face veneers, this water resistant plywood contains very few defects, allowing it to perform well, for longer in both humid and wet conditions. Its high resistance is best typified by its ability to stand firm against delaminating (the creation of hollow spots, through the heating up of moisture) and fungal attack.

The benefits of marine plywood include:

  • Its resistance against water. When exposed to any level of moisture, other types of wood allow water to get into its core, causing the material to expand. This will often lead to the wood to rot, vastly lowering the integrity of the structure it's holding up. Marine wood contains a special layer of glue on the outside that is designed to keep the moisture from emanating from its surface. It contains no gaps, meaning that there is no way for the moisture to get in – ideal if you're building any structures for the outdoors.

  • Its resistance to impacts. Marine plywood is able to offer a superior impact resistance. As the outside layer of plywood is extremely hard and dense, if it's dropped or if something runs into it, it will not necessarily dent or break. This makes plywood the ideal material to use for projects that are subject to plenty of wear and tear.

  • Its flexibility. Another great advantage of this type of wood is that it's highly pliable – it can be bent and will still maintain its structural integrity, not be snapped or cracked like other types of plywood can be.

  • Its surface finish. With this particular type of plywood, you will get a superior surface finish. Many different types of plywood cannot be finished smoothly – making it too rough for certain projects. With marine plywood though, you are able to get a very smooth finish that will leave the surface soft to the touch – not only will you not have to worry about splinters when working with it, you will also be able to paint or stain it to create any particular look you want to go for. The design options are virtually limitless.

Using Water Resistant Plywood

Thanks to these benefits, marine plywood can be used in many different domestic applications. Some of which are:

Subflooring and walls for bathrooms and kitchens

With the bathroom and kitchen being the two main areas of a home prone to moisture, a robust water resistant material on the walls and in floors is a must. Water would inevitability be spilt onto the kitchen floor or splashed over the bathroom wall – there's also the shower and/or bath in there too, and a toilet can overflow. By using wood created with water resistance in mind, you will prevent your floors from rotting and deforming – saving much time, effort and cost in the long-term.

Garden decking is quickly becoming a popular feature in grounds up-and-down the country; offering an easy way to slip from the interior of the home, into the splendour of the outside, they allow for us to enjoy the garden in comfort and luxury. The issue with wooden decking is that, even with treatment, some decks can easily rot or become weathered. Using marine wood, along with an initial stain and sealer, will help the deck to stave off rotting and the worst of the elements, to last for decades.

Need to learn more about the uses of marine plywood? Why not get in touch with us today?

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