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7.5 x 100 Multi Fix Concrete Screws - ZYP

£ 8.14 (ex VAT) per box

7.5 x 120 Multi Fix Concrete Screws - ZYP

£ 10.43 (ex VAT) per box

7.5 x 150 Multi Fix Concrete Screws - ZYP

£ 12.96 (ex VAT) per box

Concrete Screws

Concrete & Masonry Screws

Our selection of Concrete & Masonry Screws are corrosion resistant and are ideal for both indoor or outdoor applications.

Concrete & Masonry Screws were designed to fix materials to masonry surfaces like brick or concrete, and have a full thread from head to tip to ensure a high pull out resistance.

The Concrete & Masonry Screws we supply are favoured due to their durability, protection against rust, ease of installation and the secure holding they provide in all instances of installation.

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If you have a DIY project in mind, or require more materials for your work, feel free to browse the range of Concrete and Masonry Screws we stock!

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