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Choosing The Right-Sized Fence Posts For Your Surrey Garden

Thinking about erecting a new fence? You may already have your ideal fence panels in mind – being the largest component of the structure, the aesthetic look of the panels is usually what attracts people to them. So when you've selected your new panels, the next thing to think about is the fence posts – specifically what size they should be.

As a leading provider of fence posts in Surrey here at Pennyhill Timber, we've put together some tips on selecting the right-sized fence posts, as well as some other accessories that will help to make a secure, attractive-looking boundary marker.

Recommended Sizes For Your Fence Posts In Surrey

The first thing to consider will be (somewhat obviously) the size of your desired fence panels. If we assume that you'll be installing the posts using postmix, 2ft of the post should be placed into the ground – this will anchor them down, ensuring that the fence is strong enough to withstand any high winds, etc. This is why 8ft posts should be used with 6ft panels, 7ft with 5ft, and so on.

We'll be mentioning them again later, but remember to account for any gravel boards you intend to use too. Add an extra foot to the size of your fence posts to cater for the gravel boards – 6ft panels will need 9ft of post, etc.

If you're using post spikes or fence bases (if your panels will be in contact with paving slabs), instead of any kind of concrete to secure your posts, you will need to take into account the total height of your panels and gravel boards to find the right-sized fence posts. 6ft posts for 6ft panels would be ideal but if you're using gravel boards, add the extra foot – 7ft posts for 6ft panels.

Do I Need Any Other Fencing Accessories?

Garden fencing that consists of just panels and posts cannot be said to be 'complete' – with the addition of a couple of accessories, your fence and posts in Surrey would look better and last for longer. Here are some fencing accessories to consider:

  • Gravel boards – With too much exposure to moisture, wood will experience premature rotting. Gravel boards protect the bottom of a fence panel from the moisture, prolonging its life. Being subjected to pre-applied treatments, gravel boards are the easiest way to provide longevity to your fence – pressure treated gravel boards, for example, offer an anti-rot guarantee of around 15 years, with no re-treatment needed.

  • Treatments – Whilst opting for pressure treated panels will ensure that you don't need to worry about rot or fungal decay for more than a decade, another common fence treatment to be aware of is dip treated. Whilst the pressure treated method sees preservatives forced into the timber, right through to the centre of the wood, by using a vacuum to apply the pressure, dip treatment sees the wood placed into a tank of preservatives. Whilst quicker and cheaper to do, dip treated-fences will need to be re-treated every year, so in the long term, they may as well end up being more expensive than pressure-treated alternatives.

  • Post caps and finials – To add that final finishing touch to your fence, finials and post caps will help to protect them from weather damage by covering their exposed tops. Not only that, but they provide a touch of aesthetic style to the fence, doubtless impressing any visitors.

So that was our guide to accessories and appropriate sizes for your fence posts in Surrey. Please feel free to take a look around our extensive range of timber products, including fence panels, posts and gravel boards. If you have any questions about anything regarding your garden fence project, why not get in touch with our timber experts today?

Need Timber Fencing Advice? Get In Touch!

Having been providing fence posts in Surrey for over 20 years, we have grown a reliable local timber supply service that aside from being able to supply high quality products at great value prices, can also help you to understand and realise your garden projects ideas. If you have any questions, you can get in touch with us directly by calling 01483 486 739 or send an e-mail to