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Getting Out In The Garden: How A Timber Supplier Can Help You To Enjoy The Summer

The summer is on its way; before we know it, we'll be sat outside enjoying the sunshine, spending increased amounts of time experiencing the joys that nature brings.

With the seasons about to tick over into spring, now is the perfect time to think about getting the garden ready for the warmer months ahead. If you're unsure how where to start though, don't worry – setting up your ideal garden isn't as stressful as it may sound. With enough planning and quality materials from a respected timber supplier, you can create your own personal Eden. Without the snakes, obviously.

Here, we're going to give you some handy tips on preparing your garden for the summer, as well as some ways in which it can be improved.

Pennyhill – A High Quality Timber Supplier

Here at Pennyhill, we are a vastly experienced timber supplier based in the south of England. Being home to swathes of beautiful land, the need for high-quality wood to protect, accentuate or divide property helps to preserve the prestige of the area.

This is why we are on hand to supply a wide range of high quality timber to help our customers realise their ideal gardens. Whether you're undertaking an ambitious project, such as building a summerhouse from scratch or simply need to make a couple of fencing repairs, we have the materials (and expertise) to help.

Improving Your Garden For The Summer

So if you're thinking about improving your garden for the summer, here are some tips on preparing your garden, as well as some things to think about installing, building or improving:

Always Plan Ahead

For the garden novice or even the expert, it can be easy to get carried away playing 'Supermarket Sweep' in a garden centre or on a website. The prospects that can be cultivated from all of the seeds, accessories, materials, equipment and tools are exciting. So to avoid the risk of spending more than you intend (or buying too much for your garden!), plan out the basics of what you need/want from your garden first. That way, you'll be approaching a retailer, physical or online, with a clear idea of what you're buying.

Spring Cleaning Your Garden and Plants

Whether you're interested in doing some planting or need to clear areas to install any garden furniture, make sure your garden is sparkling before you start.

If you've already got plants, removing their spent flowers is an absolute must – if you leave these flowers on the plant, it will start to set seed. This is a process that uses a large amount of energy that places the plant under additional stress. Ensuring that your plants are kept healthy will help them to thrive throughout the summer months – so also be aware of any pests or diseases that may also cause stress to your plants. Nipping these in the bud will minimise their impact.

Whilst the light from the sun helps plants to grow, too much heat will cause them stress, not helping them to reach their potential. Placing potted plants under a patio, timber decking or a veranda will provide shade and reduce any possible impact caused by heat stress. Which brings us to...

Consider Decking For Your Garden

A very popular trend nowadays is the use of a timber supplier to help homeowners to create garden decking. Providing an easy-to-traverse pathway from the inside of the house to the outside, such an installation makes it easy for people to sit outside and enjoy the summer.

The added bonus with decking is that it does not have to be just in use in the summer – with adequate covering, decking can be used all year round. There's something magical about sitting outside during the winter, watching the stars and colours of the quickly-darkening sky, as you're wrapped up and near a heater of course. Decking will allow you to experience that.

Raised Beds For Planters

If you're looking to have a more productive garden, in which plants are able to flourish, drain well and save you some 'backbreaking' work, construct a raised bed. By building a raised bed with quality timber from a timber merchant, you will be placing them within easy reach, away from the weeds and other pests that are present on the ground. Not just that but you won't have to worry about anyone stepping on them either!

There are a wide range of timber products you can use to create raised beds – get in touch with us if you need some advice and assistance.

Improve Your Fencing

Originally used to mark boundaries and to prevent people and things from getting in or out, modern fencing has taken on a new role within the last hundred or so years – improving the look of our homes. Being the first thing that someone from the outside (or you, from the inside) clasps their eyes upon, a great-looking sturdy fence isn't just important for privacy, security and boundary-marking, the way it looks can add value to the home too. As the garden brings out the best in the aesthetics of the home, the fence frames the garden – so make sure yours is at its best.

If you have existing fences already in place, check on the condition of the panels, rails and posts. What condition are they in? Do some need replacing? Is the entire structure sturdy? Would it not be better in the long term (or for aesthetic look) to use a timber supplier to replace it altogether?

Those were our tips on preparing your garden for the summer. Interested in improving the look and functionality of your outdoor space(s) this summer? Why not allow the team here at Pennyhill Timber to help?

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