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Great Ways To Make Use of Landscape Sleepers

The usage of wooden 'sleepers' was originally to help wagons to traverse cross-country easily and quickly. Later, wooden sleepers would lie across from rails to allow trains easy passage but as diesel-powered engines emerged and now electric trains are commonplace, wooden sleepers have been made surplus to requirements.

Due to their robustness, soft and hardwood sleepers have found a new lease of life in our gardens; from being used to mark paths for people to traverse once more to being used to create flowerbeds to give the garden a beautiful aesthetic, landscape sleepers are particularly popular to use to construct garden decor.

If you're looking for some inspiration on how to use railway sleepers in your garden, we've put together some great uses for you to do so.

Making Use of Your Landscape Sleepers

Raised beds

Want to create a beautiful floral display or a vegetable plot to cultivate your own victuals? A raised bed will help your plants to flourish due to the extra space it provides for their roots and also allows for better drainage. Had an issue with snails and slugs in the past? A raised bed made with treated railway sleepers will make it much more difficult for them to slime about all over your plants! Finally, due to being raised, the bed will be much easier to bend down to, too – ideal for your back! (For tips on creating raised beds with landscape sleepers, check out our blog on the subject).

Floating bench

A recent major garden landscaping project trend is the creation of floating benches/seats that provide a simple, stylish and timeless look. They're great for sitting on too!

If the garden is a particularly popular place during the spring or summer (or with adequate covering, the autumn and winter too!) using softwood or hardwood sleepers to create a floating bench will help to get people outside, all in one place to enjoy what nature has to offer.


If you've got/are interested in creating a staggered garden, the use of landscape sleepers will provide a hardwearing pathway up and down the different sections of the garden. If your garden is on a level, sleepers are perfect to create a pathway to different areas of the garden with. Only those who have run outside to grab all the washing off the line in the pouring rain will truly appreciate the use of a strong pathway!

A pond

If you've always fancied adding a water feature to the garden, a pond can offer the perfect facility for you to host aquatic wildlife. The use of garden sleepers can provide a sturdy base from which to build your pond from, helping the plants, fish, frogs and insects to grow and flourish, leaving the garden to evoke a calming, relaxing atmosphere.

Children's Garden Furniture

If you have young children regularly playing about the garden, why not consider creating some garden furniture that they can enjoy? Heavy duty landscape sleepers can be used to create a sandpit or a small beach. How about a garden swing? Not only can railway sleepers create a study swing for the kids to go on, but they're even big enough for the adults to use too! Whatever you chose to do with your railway sleepers, them getting kids out, enjoying nature has to be better than having them inside, shooting monsters on their Eggsbox, surely?

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