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3 Things To Do In Your Home & Garden After Xmas

Once the decorations are down and the last of the leftover turkey has been eaten, it's time to think about the new year. The start of a new year is a fantastic time to start planning home and garden projects, such as garden decking, doing some redecorating, or perhaps some more demanding landscaping and renovation projects, like home extensions or re-modelling your garden.

However, the success of every project relies on high quality materials; make sure your construction or landscaping timber is of the highest quality. So next time you search for "timber yard near me", think Pennyhill Timber in the Woking area of Surrey.

3 Home & Garden Project Ideas For The New Year

Need some DIY inspiration for the new year? Here's a quick list of three home & garden projects that can easily be accomplished with some hard work, dedication, and a trip to your local timber yard.

  • Garden Decking
    Decking is a common garden project, and it's easy to understand why. It looks great and maintenance is quick and easy, all it takes is a pressure washer on the flat setting, some anti-UV decking oil, and correct cleaning at the appropriate times of year. For example, cleaning in spring, repairing in summer, and in autumn preventative measures against the approaching winter weather.

    With timber garden decking there are two main choices, hardwood decking or softwood decking. With regards to hardwood timber, it's often chosen because of its easy to clean and maintain properties. Additionally, garden decks made from hardwood are extremely durable; potentially lasting for many years with frequent maintenance and care. Yellow Balau is a durable type of tropical hardwood and is one of the most popular species in the UK for hardwood decking.
    However, on the other hand, softwood decking is also a very popular choice. In fact whilst it may at first seem like softwood is the inferior choice, there are numerous advantages to choosing softwood. For example, if you are concerned about durability with regards to rot and insects, our Scandinavian Pine for softwood decking is kiln dried and pressure treated with Tanalithe E. These two steps help to prevent damage from both rot and damage from insects. Additionally, other advantages of softwood include their faster growing times (compared to hardwood) making them a more renewable source, they're open much cheaper than hardwood, and they're easier to work with as you can use coarse and aggressively threaded screws that will bite into the soft fibres, which if used with hardwood timber may cause the timber to split.

  • Add An Extension
    If you're adding an extension to your property you need a range of high quality materials. In addition to the supply of timber, we also supply various other materials that builders and construction workers need on a day-to-day basis. For example with regards to home extensions, we can provide a selection of different plasterboard/drywall panels; a calcium sulfate dehydrate material commonly used to create interior walls and ceilings as it can be easily painted and comes in a wide range of options.

    We also supply a range of sheet materials, including various different types of plywood including pine, hardwood, and marine plywood; alongside other commonly used sheet materials such as MDF, OSB Sterling Board, and Chipboard flooring, a moisture resistant structural grade flooring grade board; generally used in flooring applications on second floors, or on loft conversions.

    Additionally, in order to keep your newly extended home nice and warm, we also have a selection of insulation boards which can provide thermal resistance to ceilings, floors, walls, and pitched roofs. In layman's terms this means that this material will help to improve the energy efficiency of a home by keeping cold or hot air from penetrating the walls.

  • Change Your Fence Panels
    Your garden fence is a very important part of your home. Not only is it important with regards to home security, but it's also a very important tool that you can utilise to increase the value of your home. If you're unhappy with your current fence panels, or if they're damaged and you would like a change, the Pennyhill Timber online store has a fantastic selection of different panels to choose from including both attractive close board fence panels and stylish waney edge fence panels.

    Additionally, it's important to consider how your garden fence can be seen from the approach of your property, as according to most buyers "decide if they do or do not like a property before they even get out of the car".

Need Some More Information Or Garden DIY Inspiration?

If you would like more information regarding garden decking, please visit the Pennyhill Timber blog, it has lots of information regarding DIY and garden projects, for example with regards to garden decking, you could learn about the differences between hardwood, softwood, and composite decking.

Alternatively, if you would prefer to learn more information about the different species of timber available for purchase on our online store, you can read more about the different types of timber that you can use from our timber yard, such as Yellow Balau, Eucalyptus, Scandinavian Pine, and European Spruce.

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