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Selected Range £ 12 - 20
1.83m (6') x 150mm Supreme Concrete Recessed Gravel Board

£ 12.99 (ex VAT) per gravel board.

1.83m (6') x 305mm Supreme Concrete Recessed Gravel Board

£ 19.99 (ex VAT) per gravel board.

1.0m x 75 x 75mm Supreme Concrete Repair Spur

£ 15.61 (ex VAT) per spur

1.2m x 100 x 100mm Supreme Concrete Repair Spur

£ 18.37 (ex VAT) per spur

Concrete Gravel Boards

Our recessed concrete gravel boards add strength and security to fencing. They provide extra levels of defence against high winds, and anything else that may threaten the stability of your fencing. Having recessed concrete gravel boards also helps to stop small animals getting in or out of your garden by wriggling under the panels, which in the long run helps to sustain your fence and everything inside it.

Most of our gravel boards are made from high quality recessed concrete, allowing for easier installation. We also have a range of sizes of concrete gravel boards that can be delivered to your door, to suit your requirements as best as possible.

If you have any questions about having your recessed concrete gravel boards delivered, or any of our other product ranges including timber gravel boards, don't hesitate to get in touch with us here.