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5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Adding Decking To Your Garden This Summer!

With the summer months swiftly approaching, have you considered adding decking to your garden? If you are considering building a deck in your garden this summer, make sure that you purchase your garden decking supplies from a timber specialist, such as Pennyhill Timber.

As a decking supplier in Surrey, we can supply a wide variety of timber for both trade professionals and members of the public from our timber yard in Woking. This includes pressure treated softwood, composite, and hardwood decking!

So if you are located in Surrey, Hampshire, or Berkshire, and you are considering adding decking to your garden, visit Pennyhill Timber and browse through the vast selection of high quality and great value products that are available from our timber yard.

5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Adding Decking To Your Garden This Summer

There are numerous advantages of a decked garden. However, if you’re unsure and need some advice, here is a list of 5 reasons why you should consider adding decking to your garden!

  • Timber Is A Natural Material!
    Opposed to other materials such as concrete, timber is a natural material and as such timber garden decking blends in with the natural surroundings in a garden. Additionally as a material, timber is easy to modify. This means that if you would like to change your garden, you can easily modify the decked area. As such, you will be able to change your garden space to meet your needs and the needs of your family.
  • Garden Decking Is a Versatile Space
    If you’re searching for a versatile garden space, choosing to add decking to your garden can be a fantastic project.

    Timber decking can be a fantastic way to extend your living spaces. You can relax on some outdoor furniture whilst reading a book during summer months. However, this space could also be used to entertain. Instead of being concerned about garden furniture getting stuck in muddy grass, you can relax on a solid garden deck with your friends and/or family; with a drink or two whilst enjoying the weather!

    Additionally, unlike paving your garden, decking can be very simple and swift to install. As such, if you would like to create an outdoor living space to relax and entertain guests during the summer months, garden decking is a great option to go for.
  • An Alternative To Paving Slabs
    If you have a garden that is challenging to work with, installing a garden deck could be a fantastic solution. Also, garden decking can be a simple and easy to install garden solution and only requires basic maintenance. Indeed, all it needs is a regular brush, a suitable decking cleaner, and as long as you take care of the decking; it should last for a long time!

    Additionally, if you want to include plants, you could build raised boxes on top of the decking to add plants of your choosing to your garden. For example, perhaps you could create your own herb garden on top of your decking?
  • An Ideal Garden Solution For Uneven Ground
    If you have hazardous slopes or uneven ground in your garden, building a deck is a fantastic garden solution.

    Instead of deciding to level out areas of your garden, you can instead choose to deck your garden and enjoy not only a level garden area, but also the many other advantages of garden decking.
  • Garden Decking Looks Great
    It cannot be understated that garden decking has a high amount of aesthetic appeal. Many people enjoy the look and the aesthetics of a decked garden; arguably one of the reasons why it can add more value to a home. Good House Keeping writes that, “A well designed deck will extend a buyer's perception of the home's amount of living space and will help add value.”

    So, if you’re searching for a way to improve your home that could also make your home more desirable to potential buyers, building a deck in your garden could be the garden/home improvement project for you.

What Selection Of Decking Products Are Available From Pennyhill Timber?

We source our high quality and great value timber from some of the best sawmills in Europe. As such we can provide a vast selection of different decking products, including but not limited to:

However, our list of decking products is not limited to decking, we also supply materials required for landscaping and decking projects such as screws and fixing, post mix, and weed control membrane.

Should You Choose Hardwood Or Softwood?

With regards to hardwood and softwood, it is important to remember that these are biological terms used to describe different species of wood. For example softwood is made from trees such as Pine, whereas hardwood is made from broadleaved trees such as Oak or Ash.

However, if you choose to utilise a type of softwood for outdoor decking, it must be treated with a preservative. For example, you could use Tanalithe E which helps to prevent rot, and protect from insects.

Searching For Garden Decking In Guildford? Browse Through A Selection Of Decking Supplies On The Pennyhill Timber Online Store, Or Visit Our Timber Yard In Woking!

The dedicated and passionate team at Pennyhill Timber have over 50 years of award winning timber knowledge and experience. Our team use this knowledge and their expertise to provide quality products, competitive prices, and class leading service.

So if you have any questions regarding garden decking or any of the other products that are available from Pennyhill Timber, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our friendly and dedicated team. Our enthusiastic staff will be happy to offer assistance, advice, and assist you with your enquiry.

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