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Great Ways To Make Use Of Your Decking During Winter

If you do an internet search for 'garden decking', the images section will present pictures of exquisite timber structures basked in sunshine – basically, garden decking is commonly identified as being 'a summer pursuit'.

With the peak season for buying garden decking in Guildford being in the early spring (just in time for summer), when winter rolls around, many decks are left unused and neglected in fear of the cold – but this doesn't have to be the case.

Garden decking can be as useful and enjoyable in the colder months than it they are during the summer. In this blog, we're going to take a look at a few ways in which your decking could help you to enjoy the season, keeping it in use and protected from the elements.

Great ways to use garden decking in Guildford

There can be no denying that adding decking to your garden accentuates its look, as well as offers you a nice place to relax, to spend time outside with friends and family, leaving you to just enjoy life. The issue is that many decking structures are often underused, and when that occurs, their condition will deteriorate, leading to long-term problems. By keeping it in constant use, you'll be able to not just enjoy its benefits, but also be constantly aware of any damage caused by the weather.

So, without further ado, here are some ways you can use your garden decking in Guildford during the winter:

  • Fire it up (not literally). Despite the cold nature of winter, spending time outside wrapped up around a nice warm fire is an enjoyable activity enjoyed by many; garden decking, therefore, will be an ideal host. Adding patio heaters or something like a fire pit or a chiminea can help to turn your decking into a snug place for you to enjoy the outside.

    Patio heaters are available in various forms, including those that are powered via the mains or by gas cylinders. Whilst electrical heaters are generally cheaper to run (and can be wall mounted), gas heaters are more mobile and easier to set up.

    If you fancy adding a more aesthetically-pleasing, 'rural charm' to your decking, a fire pit or chiminea will be ideal. With wooden decking obviously prone to overheating, it is important that any fire source is raised above the deck – fibre-cement mats are great at protecting the deck from the heat.
  • A year-round sanctuary. The great thing about providing your garden decking in Guildford with a canopy or an awning is that it can help you to keep dry during the winter months AND protected in the shade during a particularly hot day in the summer. A year-round sanctuary.

    In terms of winter, a canopy/awning can also act as an insulator; keeping in much of the warmth generated by the heating system, leaving a toasty environment on a bitter, chilly evening (a snowperson wouldn't last 10 minutes in such an atmosphere, put it that way).

    To add the awning to your decking, you just need to bolt a rigid frame to the deck and add the canopy. The majority of awnings should endure most wind, rain, hail and snow conditions, but it is recommended that if you do experience any particularly high winds, that you remove it quickly in case of damage.
  • Enjoy winter in the hot tub. Ever heard the term 'don't put you on your coat inside, because you won't feel the benefit when you're outside?' The hot, bubbling water of a spa tub is ideal for when the weather is cold and bitty outside; providing the ideal temperature contrast.

    If you're thinking about placing a hot tub on your garden decking in Guildford to warm you up for winter, then you will need a solid, flat level surface. Whilst it's much easier to install a tub into a new decking installation, it isn't that difficult to introduce a tub into an existing structure, as long as it's in great condition and you've got enough expertise.

    Whilst planning the installation of your tub, you should consider the location's exposure to the elements, how you will power the tub, the privacy required from the neighbours – and how far it is away from the door (so you're not dashing over the garden after your nice soak)!
  • Winter barbeque. Hot food can certainly warm us up on a cold night, so hosting the odd barbeque on your garden decking can help to get family/friends round to enjoy the season. Portable barbecues and gas grills are always easy additions to your decking, but if you want to go for something more extravagant, then a clay oven would be ideal. Remember though, that the installation of one should be treated in the same way as a fire pit; the heat it produces must be prevented from affecting the timber below.
  • Light it up (literally). Winter does not only bring cold, of course; it makes the days dark, earlier than normal. Using lighting to make your deck more inviting is a great way to offer a comfortable environment for you to spend some time outside during the winter.

    Low-level lighting is a great option for your garden decking in Guildford; you can place lights under seating or railings to protect them from the weather or being knocked over. If your decking does have an awning, then lights can be easily attached to them – especially a string of Christmas fairy lights, which would brilliantly sum up the season!

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