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The Advantages of Installing Timber Cladding – Advice From A Builders Merchant In Surrey

If you're looking to protect your property from the elements, to maintain its structural integrity and to give the decor an attractive flourish, the installation of timber cladding is a great idea.

Working to protect the walls against moisture and the penetration of air, the use of cladding (also sometimes referred to as 'weatherboarding') is also considered environmentally friendly – making it a popular choice for home and business owners.

Being a leading builders merchant, we're going to give you several advantages of using timber cladding, summing up why you should at least consider the prospect of using it in your own property.

Pennyhill Timber: A Leading Builders Merchant In Surrey

We have been operating within the industry for over 20 years now, our leading builders merchant service has been created with our constant drive to offer the best value service. Whilst this approach has certainly allowed us to build the framework of a reputable brand within the south-east of England, it's our customer service that has hammered the nails in, if you will. Our endeavour to always take the time to offer advice and assistance on anything building-related has helped many of our customers to realise their dream projects on time and on cost.

Similarly, our collected experience has allowed us to cultivate a wide and deep knowledge of the materials used in cladding – so please do read on to find out why timber cladding is advantageous.

The Advantages of Timber Cladding

  • Easy to install. The lightweight nature of timber allows for quick and effective installation of cladding, saving much work and worry! Not only that but installing timber will also help to drive down construction costs, making it the ideal material to use for cladding purposes.

  • Durable. Timber cladding is able to last for a long time (over several years) – as long as it's properly maintained. The cladding's high-impact resistance helps to reduce damage to the building; scratches and chips on timber siding are not as obvious as they'll be on other cladding materials. Also, the quality of cladding material allows for special treatments during its manufacturing process to enhance its durability; such as making it more fire resistant.

  • Energy Efficiency. One of the main benefits of timber, is its insulation properties. Its thermal conductivity is much lower than steel and concrete, helping to keep the heat inside, reducing energy consumption. This not only helps to sustain energy resources on the planet but it also saves you money too!

  • Versatility. A reason why timber cladding is used in the design of many homes today, is because the wood used can be trimmed to any size and furthermore, is available in a wide range of patterns. This allows for it to be used on a variety of architectural designs and offers flexibility for any scale or project type. It can also allow for you to experiment with decorative effects; staining or painting the cladding as you wish.

  • Environmentally Friendly. As mentioned briefly already, timber cladding is a great way to place a more environmentally-friendly touch to your home. Timber is a natural renewable and recyclable resource – unlike other materials you may pick up from a builders merchant.

  • Acoustic Effects. Whilst cladding is a great way to insulate heat, it also works to insulate the building from sound too. Whether your building is in an area that often experiences much noise or if you make noise yourself and would like to keep it self-contained, the sound absorption properties of timber cladding can keep the acoustic levels of the home in its own bubble.

So those are some of the advantages of using timber cladding in your property. If you are indeed searching around for a reliable builders merchant who is dedicated to sourcing the best materials at the best possible prices, why not browse our range here at Pennyhill Timber?

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